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I bring 20 years of experience working in the restaurant and the culinary industry. I’ve worked in recognized restaurants in Maryland, Virginia, and Raleigh, NC before I decided to branch out on my own. I haven’t always recognized my culinary passion hence each time I left to try something new I would always find my way back to the kitchens. I finally embraced what would eventually be my calling.

My culinary philosophy consists of using an array of flavors and textures that contrasts one another yet also work in harmony. I liken my style to a John Coltrane track since I love to stray away from the conventional approach.Using fresh ingredients is always priority number one for me. Not only is it healthier, it tastes better. Food politics aside, I believe fresh food connects us to those we serve it to, the communities and local markets we buy from, the farmers who grow it and to Mother Earth.

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