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Land of the free and the home of the Brave, New York City is a place where the dream is free, but the hustle is sold separately. New York City is a concrete jungle as rapper music mogul Jay-Z, better known as Sean Carter would say. With places like Time Square, the Statue of Liberty, and central park, there are plenty of places that can be explored in New York City. The culture of New York City is very vast and has various types of arts and entertainment. With different cultures such as the Italians, Mexicans, African- Americans, Chinese, Puerto Ricans, Jewish, Indian, and so many more different cultures the different food entrees can be picked from more than just one type of culture. Primarily the foods that New York City is known for are its hot dogs, Manhattan clam chowders, New York styled cheese cakes, New York-style pizzas, baked pretzels, New York- style Italian ice, and several others. You may not believe it, but New York City is the best place to try different foods and cuisines. Have you ever thought about just taking a food tour around New York City… if only you had the time?

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