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At live Free Magazine we enrich the lives of our readers with quality information presented in an attractive, entertaining way. We enrich the lives of our advertising clients with an attractive, effective medium to reach those readers. We don’t look at race a promotable item. Rather we focus on raising awareness about racial equality throughout the community we serve. In an effort to bring racial unity in that community, through celebration of our culture, and artistic perspective, raising African American fine art into the main stream culture, passion, in joining us in this mission.
We strive to feature models that represent our luxury brand in the most creative and effective way. Each model who is contracted with LFM, will work exclusively for our publication. LFM provides several opportunities to for models to work. Whether runway, print, commercial, or promotional event. We hire the most beautiful models in the industry! Below is a breakdown of what you can expect as a model.

STEP 1: Each model MUST have a composition card in order to work for LFM. This comp card consists of four looks, and model identification. LFM provides each model a photo-shoot, which includes photographer, hair & make-up for the shoot. Each model must provide their, own wardrobe for this shoot. ($500.00 is require to schedule your photo-shoot)

STEP 2: What type of model would you like to be?
Runway: $150.00
Print: $125.00
Commercial: $250.00
Promotional: $125.00

STEP 3: Get to work!
Live Free will assign you to a Account Executive to communicate with you about the available work. Communication is vital to the success of this business relationship. Call times are very seriously enforced. If tardiness becomes an issue you will be released from your contract. We look forward to working with you, and having you a part of the Live Free Magazine family.

For consideration email your photo to jhester@livefreemagazine.com

 Download an application here

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