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Live Well- Fitness Fest & Expo

Live Well- Fitness Fest & Expo

Learn How to Live Well at Every Level!
8–11:30 a.m.
$15 tickets $5.00 for Bartram Gardens Members and Community Members

5400 Lindbergh Blvd, Philadelphia, PA 19143

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Live Well At Every Level!
Join us at an interactive fitness expo for men & women.

Your ticket includes unlimited access to:
-Health-Focused Vendors
-Massages, Fitness Contests, Healthy Snacks, Fitness Apparel, and Mini-Consultations
-Wellness & Nutrition Seminars
-Healthy Cooking Class, Holistic Family Care, Juicing, Proper Lifting Techniques, and Nutritional Tips
-Fitness Classes
-Crosstraining, Bootcamp, Yoga, Kettlebells, Kickboxing, Aerobics, and Zumba

Improve your fitness and health through interactive, hands-on activities at Live Well Fitness Fest & Expo. This year we’re taking things up a level – not only are we turning up the heat by making the day co-ed and inviting the men to participate. But we also are encouraging you to start the day with a 5K! Race registration is not included in the Live Well ticket price but is only $15 for Live Well attendees (promocode given after ticket purchase).

Come ready in your workout clothes to try cutting edge exercise routines, at all levels of fitness, from the top fitness studios around. No more paying for exercise classes that you may or may not like. At Live Well, you can sample a variety of activities to find those that best suit you and that you’ll stick with and love!

So grab your guy and your girlfriends, and make it a morning to get motivated! Try harder. Be inspired. Commit to live fit with us at this year’s Live Well Fitness Fest & Expo 2017!

Join Live Free Magazine Fitness Contributor- William Morris

Take one of Will’s fitness classes or his seminar on healthy eating. It will inspire and motivate you to be the best you possible!

Picture coming soon!

Join Live Free Magazine Cuisine Contributor- Chef Anwar Rasheed



The Marketplace is the hub of the event. Indulge in a massage, taste healthy food samples, connect with the area’s best health and wellness businesses, and try something new!
Follow along with the Vendor Passport during the event by visiting each Marketplace Booth and be entered to win a prize-pack valued at more than $500! Drawing at 2:30 p.m.
**Must be present to win**

Schedule of Sessions


March 25, 2017   April 22, 2017   May 26, 2017   June 24, 2017   July 22, 2017   August 26, 2017   September 23, 2017   October 28, 2017

Get Fit & Get Educated!
Fitness classes are suitable for coeds of ALL levels of experience, 16+.
Availability per session will be determined on a first come, first served basis. Please read the description of all classes and seminars, below, to plan your day. The ticket price includes unlimited access to all fitness classes, educational sessions, and the marketplace.


Fitness Class: Fit Kick | 
Instructor: William Morris

This is a can’t miss kickboxing class! Get happy and healthy with a fun and energizing class designed to build strength while improving cardio, endurance, and flexibility. Specializing in boosting fitness for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts alike.

Fitness Class: Muscle Fusion/Boot Camp Combo |
Instructor TBA

Give your fitness routine a one, two punch with this combination of two killer fitness classes. Muscle Fusion uses light to moderate weights and lots of repetitions to give you a full body workout without adding bulky muscles. The class is designed for anyone who is looking to get toned and fit fast. Boot Camp incorporates drills that are designed to enhance agility, flexibility, power, strength, and quickness. The class will move through different stations specifically designed to help you accomplish your fitness goals while the instructors coach you through the class so that you leave feeling encouraged, challenged, and motivated to tackle whatever comes your way!


Seminar: Juice Jump-Start |
Instructor: Chef Anwar

Stop feeling tired and sluggish. Come enjoy fresh pressed juice and learn how a juice detox can recharge your body and increase your overall health.


Fitness Class: Zumba |
Instructor TBA

Zumba is a dance fitness program that is fun for all! Classes are for people of all skill and fitness levels and are made up of simple, easy-to-follow movements. The instructions will coach you through the moves so that you can have fun, get fit, and follow the Zumba philosophy of “Ditch the workout–join the party!”


Seminar: Weightlifting 101 |
Instructor: William Morris

Without proper form, you could possibly damage your body weightlifting. William Morris will be showing attendees at the expo proper weightlifting etiquette and give tips on how to prevent exercise injuries.

Fitness Class: Butt, Gut, and Upper Body |
Instructor TBA

Intense toning! Be ready for planks, crunches, and mountain climbers, then onward to leg lifts, butt squeezes, and a paper plate workout. Then rounded out with upper body workouts, followed with a cool down. Light hand weights will be incorporated, but are not required to participate. Paper plate will be provided.**BYOM (Bring your own yoga mat)**


Seminar: Preventing Diabetes: A Whole Foods Approach |

Presenter TBA

Open forum to discuss how the foods we choose can take us on the downward spiral towards diabetes or on a path of healthy living and healing.


Fitness Class: Body Shock Boot Camp |
Instructor TBA

A mental and physical experience for anyone that is striving to be in the best shape of their lives. This workout uses weights and body weight exercises in a high intensity, circuit style format, scaled to your fitness level. For all levels.


Fitness Class: Sumits Gentle Stretch |
Instructor TBA

Why do Gentle Yoga? Gentle Yoga helps in releasing stress, anxiety, and deeply held tension. Gentle Yoga stretches gives your body a chance to move more slowly and deeply into poses while also quieting the mind. This class is a perfect fit with any fitness routine and is suitable for all fitness levels.
**BYOM (Bring your own yoga mat)**

Seminar: Healthy Snacks for the Whole Family |
Instructor TBA

Want to replace your family’s junk food with healthy, wholesome snacks? Join Farmers Market of the Triad in this 30 minute seminar to get healthy snack ideas for the whole family. See how simple it is to snack healthy with cooking demonstrations and taste FMT’s local flavors for yourself!


Fitness Class: WURK |
Instructor TBA

The class is comprised of the high calorie burning moves of dance fitness with the use of repetitive, easy to follow choreography, strategically placed between fine toning, and sculpting routines to keep your heart rate and body guessing for maximum results! In the first series, 3-5 lb. weights are used for two songs of isolated arm sculpting. In the next toning series, WURK attendees are down on their mat for two songs of cardio core work on the floor. For the final series, two songs are blasted for a crazy ab burning routine followed by a hip opening cool down. Anyone can benefit from this class from beginners to advanced fitness lovers. Let’s WURK it!
**BYOM (Bring your own yoga mat) and light hand weights will be incorporated, but are not required to participate**


Seminar: How to Raise a Family Naturally |

There are many natural solutions to improve and maintain overall health. Come discover easy tips to empower your family to live naturally.


Fitness Class: Lean, Strong, & Mobile |
Instructor TBA

Lean, Strong, & Mobile focuses on developing those transitional postures and movements that are vital to functional daily activity. By utilizing your own body weight, you will not only develop mobility, stability, strength, and stamina, but the ability to move your body as it was designed to.


Fitness Class: Dynamic Duo–Pilates & Barre Combo |
Instructor TBA

What happens when you combine the strengthening, lengthening, and toning effects of Pilates with the cardio of Barre? Come find out in this 30-minute Dynamic Duo session! Get a taste of Mat Pilates for stronger abs, a toned core and booty shaping, mixed with Barre, where you’ll focus on balance and toning the outer thigh, midsection, booty, legs, and more. Work your way to a healthier, happier, DYNAMIC version of you!
**BYOM (Bring your own yoga mat)**


Vendor Passport Giveaway Winner Announced|
Follow along with the Vendor Passport during the event by visiting each Marketplace Vendor and be entered to win a prize-pack valued at more than $500! Drawing at 11:30 a.m. Prize pack includes: Private lessons, class passes, swag and more!
**Must be present to win**


GOT muscles? Or do you want them? We want to hear from you! We are always looking at new and innovative ways on servicing our clientele to ensure they are living their most fit and healthy lives  by offering great opportunities for attending class events or hosting class events. Interested in sponsoring or participating in Live Free Magazine’s Live Well 2017?

Are you participating in Live Well? Become a vendor here!

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