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Elizabeth Scott- A true triple threat!

I had the pleasure of growing up at First Assembly of God in Winston-Salem a mega-church where I was provided an incredible acting, singing and dancing training. I’m talking about training that you would receive in any professional theatrical platform. When it came to ministry in the theatrical arts they held no stops! It’s where I met the amazing actress Elizabeth Scott.
Lyz has been in the entertainment industry for over 30 years as an actor, dancer, choreographer,Director/Producer and writer. She has a appeared on television and in film in such shows as Morton’s by the Bay “with Nell Carter, as Jill in Big Brother Jake, as Dee Dee in The Jackson’s
“an American Dream, and the independent film “I Believe in America “to name a few, But she is most known for her role as Kara, Vanessa’s fast talking friend on the Cosby show.
Elizabeth is also an accomplished dancer who has appeared with several dance companies, including The New Jersey Ballet Company, the Joffrey Ballet 2nd Company as well as appearing as a dancer in
the Television show Fame with Debbie Allen. She has written, directed and produced many stage productions as well as writing her first screenplay under her own production Company, Fibee Productions.
Lyz and I reunited this spring! When I asked here to be interviewed for the magazine and I asked here to join the Live Free Magazine Family and provide celebrity studied article. She will be interviewing her actor friends and sharing an insider scoop with you! I’m super stoked about it!
So what is Lyz up to now? She’s a wife and mom to start. Mom to sophomore Hannah
who is a miniature version of Lyz, personality and all. Hannah is quite a pretty girl, but her mind isn’t on that or the latest trends. She is focused on being the best she can be in school. I’m told anything
less than an A+ Hannah will ask what can I do to change it to an A+, an A- won’t cut
it for her.
The most recent theatrical production written, directed and produced by Lyz Was St. Peters
Easter Production. Lyz had me help her in this production where I played a soldier.
I was told it was a nonspeaking role, but somehow I ended up with some lines, too funny. I had a great time working with Lyz.
So stay tuned to LFM to hear more about all the cool things Lyz in getting involved
in with!
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