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Home the Bobcats and Carolina Panthers, is the luxurious Charlotte. This beautiful North Carolina city will show you a good time. The Queen City is full of exciting nightlife you can't find anywhere else. The most popular place full entertainment is the infamous Music Factory. This Music Factory blends out more than just music and can be accurately called entertainment factory. Swaggering of multi-purpose venues, this formation offers a great mix of entertainment and food. With an outdoor auditorium, on-site restaurants & bars, nightclubs, office spaces, rehearsal studios and plentiful more is settled within this extensive factory.
An Uptown entertainment destination, is the Epicentre. Which offers shopping, restaurants, lively nightlife, pubs and entertainment in center city Charlotte. Bootlegger’s Saloon and Dance Hall is Charlotte’s Premiere Country Bar! Bootlegger’s is an amazing venue conveniently located Uptown Charlotte at the NC Music Factory. Last but not least, the Dharma Lounge, a Boutique Lounge located in the Camden Rd / South End District. An eclectic blend of music, art, and entertainment. If you want to enjoy a great laugh, visit The Comedy Zone. It’s a full service Comedy Theater, Conference Center and Special Event facility. Which is also located in the wildly popular North Carolina Music factory the Comedy Zone.

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