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Zeus is Black!

Zeus is Black!   Hakeem Kae-Kazim is the go-to actor in the UK, Hollywood, and the entire African Continent for strong and commanding character. Nigerian by birth but trained in United Kingdom, Hakeem currently lives in South Africa and is in the middle of filming a television series entitled Troy, where he plays Zeus, the […]

Dance Like Hollywood Jade

By happenstance, I ended up choosing The Federal Bar for dinner to meet the Canadian choreographer, Hollywood Jade.  As we entered, the locale was dimly lit with tables that seemed to feel like separate small islands.  No one seemed to notice us as we walked in.  In fact, it seemed that everyone was so deeply […]

The Master of Dance

Wrist, knuckle, knee, toe, neck, pop, hit!   To a dancer, this just might make perfect sense.  For Jamal Sims, choreographer to the stars, this could be easily the first 4-count.  I met Jamal on the Toni Braxton Secrets Tour in 1996.  It is hard to believe that it was so long ago.  Nevertheless, we have […]

Lara Downes

I had the most enjoyable time chatting with this young lady, known as Lara Downes. Her energy and spirit was so positive and full of life and creativity. I was a joy to get to know her. It was one of those conversations where I had to look up at the time and realize, oh […]

The Durham Hotel

  The Durham Hotel Let me say this… I have stayed in five star hotels before. I will not mention any names because I don’t want to offend anyone. But “The Durham” is one of the most luxurious hotels that I have been to thus far.  When I arrived, they had a valet service, that […]

John Holiday

Mr. John Holiday is the world leading counter-tenor. Some of you might be saying what is a counter-tenor. Don’t worry, or be ashamed. This rare voice type is sung by a male voice but sound like a mezzo soprano tone. It rare and is used in very Baroque period pieces. With this said Holiday is […]

Alpha Nickelberry

  Life is so interesting, it brings people in and out of your life. Sometime seemly with no apparent reason. I met Alpha Nickelberry about five or six years ago, while working to produce to television programming. He was at the time working for the Roberts brothers a twin team of successful entrepreneurs who owned […]

Johnathan Celestin

First meeting Johnathan was quite an experience. I meet talented people all the time. The range of diva or divo can truly vary. From watching his videos and listening to his unique sound. I prepared myself mentally for this interview. I’m glad to say I was totally wrong! Johnathon was so humble, sweet and a […]
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