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As we arrive to Boone, North Carolina, the winding roads leading to a plateau at first glance took my breath away. The sunrise cascading over the grand rolling hills, provide the perfect destination for the Art of Living Retreat Center.

The quiet surroundings enhance the relaxing atmosphere, which will assuage any and all anxieties you may bring with you, and take you through the journey of finding harmony between the mind, the body, and the spirit. Let this getaway be your escape from your fast-paced city life. And enjoy a place where time stands still.

The Art of Living provides something perfect for the romancing newly weds, the girls in need of a weekend getaway, or the family who needs to spend some quality time together. I, myself, was able to enjoy the experience of seeking a heighten sense of self and general awareness, and so would any of you, adventurers.

The Art of Living provides initiation to authentic Indian culture, a fulfilling lifestyle, thrilling entertainment, and delicious cuisine. Up next, I have a chat with Brian Slusher who will take us through a tour of their glorious campus.

The vibe in the Main meditation hall provides tranquility, the perfect place to seek peace and contentment under its majestic architecture that captivates the eye and yields to each individual the space to find their center. Vastu, the ancient science of design and architecture, originated during the Vedic Civilization, which many scholars assert flourished as early as 6000 years ago in India and other parts of South Asia. Vastu, arguably the world’s oldest holistic design system, can be considered the precursor to today’s Green Movement.
The art and science of tuning the body into balance, Ayurveda harnesses the natural intelligence of the body to bring people into optimal health. Effective for centuries, this sister science of yoga is increasing in popularity

Another methods to sync the mind, body, & spirit is meditative chant. We as Jews, Christians, and Muslims share a common spiritual descent; although the painful division between us lies at the center of much conflict and war, but our similarities is in the practice is prayer or meditation. Join me as I experience an authentic meditative chant.

One of the world’s oldest massage therapy techniques, is using warm oil is rhythmically massaged into your body, loosening toxins, relaxing the nervous system, and providing profound rest, nourishment, and rejuvenation.  This is call ABHYANGA: DETOXIFYING HERBAL MASSAGE follow me as I get one.
My tour ends at the art of Living Pottery Studio. I’m told this is another tool to center my inner man.

If you are looking to getaway to a relaxing destination, look no further. The Art of Living Retreat center has everything you need!

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