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Ahmad Johnson lives by the philosophy of grit: persistence and resilience. “The only reason you don’t do it is if you don’t try,” said Johnson. When he finds himself struggling by holding back, Johnson trusts his faith and his life in the hands of God, giving him the will to do what he needs to do. Now, with several years of doing his own designing and almost a decade of hosting fashion shows, Johnson is on the verge of taking his personal brand to the next level. Johnson held a desire for designing for years but not only until 2014 did he actively pursued it. However, Johnson hosts an annual fashion and hair show for plus sized women entitled Sista BIG Bone under his brand AmarJe Enterprises, which he has engaged with for nine years. He has held shows at the Millennium Center and Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, Winston Salem State University and other locations in the Winston Salem/Greensboro area. His current goals include opening his own boutique which focu ses directly on plus sized women. “So many stores have plus sized clothing, but you see too many women in the same thing; being plus sized is unique and everyone has a different flare about them. Why not be unique in your clothing? I can make them look different and stand apart from the rest,” said Johnson. As a part of Winston Salem Fashion Week, Johnson and the twelve models he works with will display his new collection for plus sized models on Saturday, Oct. 1 and will serve as the lead coordinator of the children’s division on Sunday, Oct. 2. Daequan Fitzgerald Culture Editor

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