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Shaqwaun Al lee was recently accepted into the Debbie Allen Summer Intensive in Atlanta and California. Most people spend their whole lives trying to figure out what they want to be, searching for their calling or their passion in life, but Al lee has known that he wanted to be a professional dancer since the first time he stepped onto a stage. “I knew at that very moment, I was born to dance” said Shaqwaun with light beaming from his eyes.

“Dancing isn’t just some hobby for me; it’s more like an addiction” he stated passionately. His complete heart and soul are exhibited in every step he takes. Through dance he finds a sense of pride and satisfaction. Dance has helped him through the roughest times of his life, he shared with me. Shaquan’s mom was diagnosed with Lupus and Diabetes and as a result suffered a massive stroke. As a child, he didn’t know how to deal with the only parent. The struggle of a ill parent adds to the stress of only having one parental supporter. Watching my mom sick, in and out of hospitals unable to walk is hard. “But dance is what saved me, he said.He danced in and out of hospital waiting rooms, during extended hospital stays and rehabilitation. He danced through his tears and to saved his sanity shared Shaquan. His pain has been the platform to his purpose.


Dance technically is movement of the body to a sound or beat. But what others seem to forget is that dance is more than that. As a dancer you’re always pushing yourself to the next level, while realizing that there is no final level. I use dance as an expression of my soul, he stated fervently. “It is freedom of speech.” Dance for him is therapeutic, it’s the reason he get’s up in the morning. I can never get bored with it because there is always room to improve. exclaimed Shaquan. There will always be more beats, higher jumps and better placement, among other things. I am transparent when I dance.
There are tons of people that love to dance or are simply gifted at dance, but the best dancers are those who eat, sleep and breathe dance. I am that person, he said. “It’s not always the most gifted people that get far in life, but the people who stay focused against all odds, hardworking and motivated that excel. I am not the best dancer. I don’t have the best technique, but I can promise you if given the chance I will be the most hardworking, dedicated and motivated individual”, Shaquan emotionally proclaimed!

Shaquan currently attend the Pointe Studio of Dance in Greensboro ,NC. He has been blessed to be around such amazing dancers and teachers, I was a student at Positive Image Performing Arts , and UNCSA Preparatory Ballet Program. He’s been an award winning competitive dancer and named Mr.Dance by the Kar dance system, he hasI performed in the Nutcracker 2009 with UNCSA, and awarded a scholarship by the Jump dance convention for contemporary dance. Al Lee hasbeen dancing since 2009.


I was completely moved my this young man’s passion for his art! I wish more young people would open their mind to the experience of performing arts. There is no feeling that can really communicate what an artist experiences when they share their gift. So Live Free Magazine family let’s rally behind this young artist and support his talent, help him to get to Los Angeles. You can donate at either two links below. GO Shaquan!


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