My Funny Valentine

  Valentine’s Day is upon us and love is definitely in the air!  But, what happens when love does not look exactly liked you pictured it.  Everyone has their own idea of the perfect mate.  You thought he would be tall, dark, and handsome; not average height, questionable weight, with nonexistent hairline.  Love is a […]

H & M, really?

I consider myself a fashionista. One of my mainstays when I shop is H & M and Banana Republic. They fit my classic style. As runway, print, model for Elite Chicago. It provided me such an amazing experience. Meeting photographers, designers and other models was a total blast. I have met so many gracious and […]

Zeus is Black!

Zeus is Black!   Hakeem Kae-Kazim is the go-to actor in the UK, Hollywood, and the entire African Continent for strong and commanding character. Nigerian by birth but trained in United Kingdom, Hakeem currently lives in South Africa and is in the middle of filming a television series entitled Troy, where he plays Zeus, the […]

Dance Like Hollywood Jade

By happenstance, I ended up choosing The Federal Bar for dinner to meet the Canadian choreographer, Hollywood Jade.  As we entered, the locale was dimly lit with tables that seemed to feel like separate small islands.  No one seemed to notice us as we walked in.  In fact, it seemed that everyone was so deeply […]

The Master of Dance

Wrist, knuckle, knee, toe, neck, pop, hit!   To a dancer, this just might make perfect sense.  For Jamal Sims, choreographer to the stars, this could be easily the first 4-count.  I met Jamal on the Toni Braxton Secrets Tour in 1996.  It is hard to believe that it was so long ago.  Nevertheless, we have […]

Candice Hoyes

Candice Hoyes is classical train singer, she works as an opera singer. Singing rep from Baroque music to new works, such as Marriage of Figaro. She sings in many languages and a lot of jazz as well.  She started studding music at the age of 6 when she began learning classical piano, but she had […]

8 Summer Wedding tips!

1. Schedule Frequent Manicures As soon as you get engaged, everyone is going to ask to see that rock “the RING”.  You gonna want to keep those nails and hands together with regular manis. A great opportunity  to experiment with colors and get to know your manicurist. Pro tip: Let your nail beds dictate the shape of […]

Milk & Honey, D.C.

  In my line of work, I come across so many amazing restaurants and eateries. While in D.C. last fall, I was taken to this cute eclectic spot right outside of Washington. It was called Milk and Honey. I had heard about it from friends who said it’s a must try while in the city. Since it’s […]
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